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Will COVID-19 vaccines be required?
For everyone's safety, we kindly ask that all of our guests have received an initial full dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Please have a form of identification and proof of vaccination with you on August 27th (just in case!)
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19 vaccines or where to get vaccinated.

What about masks?
Masks will not be required, but feel free to wear one if you would feel more comfortable doing so!
We also ask that if you have any cold symptoms leading up to the wedding that you get tested and keep us informed!

There will be shuttle service between the Box House Hotel and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for those staying at the hotel.
The entrance to the parking lot of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is located at 878 Washington Avenue.

Will the event be indoors or outdoors?
Both! The ceremony and reception will take place indoors. Weather permitting, cocktail hour will be outdoors.

Is there a dress code?
We want you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Indian or Non-Indian cocktail attire at a minimum, but feel free to go all out!

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